Allow me to introduce myself

Hello. My name is Brancis Facon, a moniker adapted from Francis Bacon. I chose this name because Mr. Bacon has a quote with significant meaning to me: “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge is information. Power is the ability to exert one’s will upon the surrounding environment or manipulate one’s surroundings. Thus the quote indicates information is needed in order to make a difference. This difference is not given a negative or positive mannerĀ – it only deals with difference making.

What difference am I attempting to ultimately make? One of cultural and moral significance, I’d say. A difference that permeates through gender and racial lines into the heart and souls. A good difference. A positive difference. A difference that furthers the human species in its current form. This is my end goal or intention.

As to the process of achieving this difference, I understand the following: I have the intellectual capacity and wherewithal to exact morally significant decisions with the eye on the greater good. I am skilled in the art of writing, public speaking and persuasion. I have the tools in order to make this intended difference, this I know. What I do not know and often lack is the discipline for sustained devotion to this ideal. What I lack is knowledge of self, through and through. How can I be the shining light illuminating society when my own personal light is dim? Ergo, this blog will be my musings in order to find myself through writing. To delve into the sensible and super sensible with eye on self-determination through knowledge of self. I want to explore the inner workings of my mind that has been affected by various traumas. I will not list the traumas but understand that my empathy for humanity emanates from person experiences and experiences of those close to me.

This is the introduction to my blog. I hope my telling and exploration of this journey will free the like-minded souls for the greater good.

Til’ my words appear again,

Brancis Facon


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